Burkina Faso

Because only together we can

Africa will be home to 2 in 5 children by 2050



— We educate

This allows us to pay for each child’s school fees, supplies, and books. In addition, children will be provided with an electric lamp and $10 each month for snacks.


— We provide care

This helps take care of the healthcare checkup of the children. Many parents of sponsored children, living with HIV/AIDS will also be supported.


—We provide clothes

Each child receives a school uniform and shoes every year. Additionally, every child receives three bars of soap per month for hygiene.


— We train

Many parents of the vulnerable children are formed into an association where they learn to make soap and shea butter. One portion is sold and the profits are reinvested into the foundation. Another portion is given to the children for their hygiene.


— We strengthen

We strenghten an entire community by showing them that they are not alone in their fight to end the cycle of poverty. We are part of the fight and we will not stop until every single child is sent to school.


— We empower

We empower orphans,vulnerable children and their families by educating them and giving them the tools they need to succeed. We teach them how to fish instead of giving them the fish.

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